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Welcome to the Confidence Builder Club


Welcome to the Confidence Builder Club – the website packed with resources to help you create and maintain a happy home. Before children come along we often make great plans of how we’re going to raise our kids and exactly what they will be like. In many cases the only words we utter are “please don’t let them be like me”.

From the moment they are born the children themselves and the impacts of life have a completely different idea. Our children have personalities (which develop) and even though we can keep our head above water on a day to day basis, we’re often not prepared for the bigger challenges of life and the impact they have on us and our children.

The Confidence Builder Club is dedicated to parents who want to tweak existing skills, develop new ones and help their children become the strong, independent individuals they dreamed of.

We provide this support through:

  • Weekly updates – Our “Family Friday” emails provide tips and techniques on various aspects of parenting and family life – either our own or we have a special connection to some amazing gems of wisdom (also known as the internet). If we see it and like it, we’ll share it with you!
  • Webinars – Our FREE webinars run every other Wednesday. Each month we look at a new topic and provide new tools and ideas for your parenting toolbox.
  • Downloads – Information downloads are available from our Resources page, we’ll just keep adding to them.
  • Workshops – Our Power to Parent Programme provides an NLP slant on parenting tools and techniques. Check out our Workshops page for more information.
  • One to One support – We provide one to one support for children dealing with issues such as: lack of confidence, bullying, school stress, learning difficulties and many more. We also provide one to one support for families to regain that lost connection.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, then let us know at:

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