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Confidence Builder Club – Confident Parenting Online

Welcome to the Confidence Builder Club – Confident Parenting Online, an online community for parents committed to developing confidence in their children.

Over the past year I’ve been asked by many parents I’ve worked with to provide ongoing support, tools and techniques they’re able to use at home to maintain or increase the confidence of their children. These requests came from parents who were potentially in a similar situation to you. Parents whose children were:

  • Finding it difficult to make friends at school.
  • Being bullied.
  • Finding social situations difficult.
  • Anxious when going to school.
  • Having difficulty managing their emotions.
  • Having difficulty adjusting to changes at home after a house move, separation or bereavement.
  • Showing general lack of self confidence.

Other parents simply want to learn some new ways of increasing confidence in their children, adding new confidence building tools to their parenting toolkit. Many of these parents had attended either 1:1 NLP therapy sessions or an Emotions in Motion Parents Workshop. They’d found the sessions/workshops really useful and wanted a way to continue to learn new skills to keep up the confidence at home. They asked me specifically for 2 things:

“Ongoing support with a way to receive feedback and review progress”

“Opportunity to work from home at a time that works best for us”

As I began working on this plan, I wanted to make it even better, to give you something more, so I added two more:

  1. The opportunity to meet with me in a live webinar once a month, to gain even more support and confidence building ideas.
  2. The opportunity to be part of a community to share ideas and experiences with other like minded parents.

Does that sound like something you’d find useful? If so, you can sign up now

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Here’s what one early adopter said…

‘I can’t believe the value I’m getting from the Confidence Builder Club. Some of the concepts Debbie covers have been reminders of things I’d covered with her after one to one sessions with my daughter, others were completely new to me. Debbie has a great way of putting the information across so that it’s fun and easy to understand and implement. I feel I’m getting one to one coaching for a fraction of the price. Thank you!’

The Confidence Builder Club – Confident Parenting Online enables you to learn new confidence building tools and techniques from the comfort of your own home, at a time suitable to you. It also gives you the opportunity to engage with other like minded parents to share questions, ideas and success stories.

When you join the Confidence Builder Club – Confident Parenting Online, here’s what you’ll receive each month…

  1. Two 20-30 minute videos, each containing a confidence building topic. With this video you’ll receive tips and techniques on how to implement the topic at home and how to utilise techniques in different situations. These video’s cover topics such as:
    • Understanding the thought processes of your child/teen
    • How to identify root problems in confidence
    • Simple techniques to create a rapid change in mood and behaviour
    • Simple language changes that make a huge difference
    • Ways in which to help your child develop confidence throughout life challenges
    • Techniques to teach confidence, build responsibility and develop good lifelong habits
  2. An invite to the live monthly webinar. As a member of the club you’ll have the opportunity to influence the webinar topic and ask any relevant questions live on air. If you’re not able to attend the webinar live, you’ll be sent a recording so you can catch up on the topic and hear the answers to questions asked by other club members.
  3. Access to the online Confidence Builder Club – Confident Parenting Online Community (via Facebook), to chat, ask questions of and share ideas with like minded parents.

As a Confidence Builder Club Confident Parenting Online member you’ll also receive discounts and promotions for any Emotions in Motion live workshops, one to one sessions as well as occasional discounts for other relevant events, books and services.

If you click Sign me up now button You’ll also gain…

  • New skills to help you create and maintain confidence in your children.
  • Happier, more confident children.
  • More confidence in your own ability to handle challenging situations at home.
  • A community to provide you with support and encouragement.
  • Ideas on how to utilities your time more effectively with your children.

Without losing

  • Time – worrying about the challenges your child is facing or how to deal with the issues that arise just before going back to school or you’re second guessing how you dealt with a situation at home.
  • Money – the price of joining the Confidence Builder Club is a fraction of ongoing therapy costs.

In fact, the price is a fraction of the 1:1 and workshops at a monthly investment of

Just £15

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If you’re still unsure at this stage and you want to think things though, please register your interest with the Confidence Builder Club – Confident Parenting Online by clicking the button below and we’ll keep you up to date on what we’re doing and any offers we think are relevant to you.

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Who we’ve worked with

“A brilliant workshop for parents who need help and support raising a family and the every day problems that occur. You will come away feeling empowered to make the changes you need to create a happy, healthy home.”

MJ – Parent

“I’m so grateful for the help and support Debbie has given both me and my daughter. My daughter gained confidence each week and now she has key skills to help her in her daily life and has found herself again; resulting in a much happier and confident teenage girl. Thank you!”

GP – PArent

“A very informative course which opens up the various ways and types of parenting we practice and how slight changes can improve your child’s confidence. 5 stars!”

AC – Parent

“It’s easy to look at your child and think they are the cause of their behaviour. This course makes you look at yourself as a parent and what you do to perpetuate your child’s behaviour. It also gives tools to help you make changes for the better. Thank you.”

SC – Parent