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Did you hear me on the radio?

Occasionally I have the privileged of going on the radio to talk about my work. I was booked to go onto a special show this week taking place in the book archives of Reading University. I'd been asked to talk about my memories of Ladybird books (as they're celebrating their 100th birthday this year). They also wanted to know about my books and experiences of being an author.  

Is your child an introvert?

One of the more common concerns parents discuss with me is when one of their children shows significantly different characteristics from them and their other children, especially when a child is more solitary than the rest of the family or when they don't join in as much as the others, examples of this are:

They spend a lot of time alone.

They spend a lot of time deep in thought and are often slow to join in conversations.

They become easily overwhelmed when they're asked to do a few tasks or they're given a lot of options.

They can only concentrate on one task at a time, getting very involved in that one task (often neglecting anything else going on around them).

They hover on the outskirts of social situations, especially when their are big social gatherings like parties.

They spend time thinking about what they want to say before saying it, especially when they consider it's an important topic.


Dealing with Bereavement

Hands round candleMy friend's grandma died last week. She had been a figurehead for the family for many years, with her 8 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. My friend was obviously devastated but her 9 and 7 year old were also particularly upset. She asked me for some advice how to deal with it. I thought I'd share my advice with you.  

Are we sabotaging confidence building?

ConfidenceSome parents who read my article -‘5 Tips to Building Confidence’ have asked if there are specific actions parents take that negatively impact confidence in our children and whether we can avoid doing them.  

Help… I’m turning into Anthea Turner!

I was thinking today about the new website (this website, the one you're on... yes, it's quite new). I've created it to bring together all of my work under one brand as everything I did was operating quite separately,* there is nothing completely new here.